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Preserving your shoes at home

While we at Cobblestone Quality Shoe Repair are always happy to give our clients a hand in repairing their shoes, one of the best things you can do for your footwear is to perform regular basic care at home.


When you spend just a few minutes a month with a few basic supplies, you'll significantly extend the life of your shoes.

Care for leather shoes

-Cleaning with a leather cleaner to remove dirt

-Conditioning to soften and lubricate the material

-Polishing with colored polish to buff and remove scratches

-Weatherproofing to seal the leather

Care for other kinds of shoes

-Suede and Nubuck should be treated with a suede waterproofing agent and brushed regularly

-Athletic shoes should be prepped with odor-eating insoles, powders, or sprays that kill bacteria that grows in the foam

Got questions about the best way to care for your shoes? Need recommendations about the best cleaning products? Stop by and our staff will be happy to advise you.

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Treating your shoes right

When you combine regular home shoe care with the occasional check up at Cobblestone Quality Shoe Repair, you'll find your shoes will last you for years - even with heavy use! Contact us today to find a location!