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Give your shoes a splash of color with our Nationally Award Winning Dye Work !

Leather is one of the more durable natural materials one can use, but nothing is immune to the ravages of time and the wear and tear of daily life.


If your shoes, belts, boots, purses, or other leather items have grown faded or scratched, now you can breathe new life into it with custom dyeing and recoloring. Restore it like new or give it new life with a different color.

Our dyeing and recoloring options

- Reconditioning glaze. Perfect for smooth and exotic leathers for a hard, glossy finish.

- Leather reconditioning. Ideal on oily leathers.

- Same color. Using a computer generated formula, we match the original color of your leather item.

- Mix to match. We custom blend your color.

- Fabric dyeing. Our color blender creates the requested color for your fabric item.

- Chart dye. You choose from a pre-mixed color chart.

- Deep penetrating dye. An aniline based dye that requires several coats to go deeply into the pores of the leather.

Our expertise is what makes the difference between us and our competitors. You can rely on getting your shoes back in beautiful condition.

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Call us today to discuss what kind of dyeing is right for your shoes.



Complete shoe services

Rejuvenate your shoes with new or renewed color! At Cobblestone Quality Shoe Repair, you'll find the best craftsmen in the business. We also dye wedding shoes, as well as performing other repairs and restorations.